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Prices for standard documents
The following prices apply by default to the document types listed below. In many cases, I have templates available for these documents which enables me to process them more quickly and offer a more favourable set price.

NB - This only applies to documents emanating from the Republic of Turkey, and not to cognate documents from other jurisdictions.

document type

set price in euro
(subject to the minimum charge set out below)
Republic of Turkey:
ID card (Nüfus Cüzdanı) old and new type6
School/University Graduation Diploma front side only7
Certificate of Proficiency/Pre-Mastership/Mastership (Yeterlilik/Kalfalık/Ustalık Belgesi)7
Certificate of Residents at Domicile Address (Yerleşim Yerinde Oturanlar Belgesi)7 plus 1 for each name
Domicile and Other Address Certificate (Yerleşim Yeri ve Diğer Adres Belgesi)8
Ministry of Health Birth Report (Sağlık Bakanlığı Doğum Raporu)9
Vehicle Registration Certificate (Araç Tescil Belgesi) inside pages only10
Extract of Birth Registration (Form A)10
Extract of Marriage Registration (Form B)10
Extract of Death Registration (Form C)10
Driving Licence (Sürücü Belgesi)10
Certificate of Demobilisation (Terhis Belgesi)10
Extract of Civil Registry Record (Nüfus Kayıt Örneği)10 plus 1 for each name plus 1 for each 3 observations
Certificate of Title (Tapu Senedi)15
Death Certificate (Ölüm Belgesi)28
International Family Booklet (Uluslararası Aile Cüzdanı)30; pages 1-7 only: 15; each pair of pages 8-19: 3
Academic Transcript35 plus 4 for each semester

MINIMUM CHARGE A minimum charge of €18.00 applies to each total order. A special minimum charge of €6.00 applies when immediate cash settlement is made on collection (advance payment with remote orders), incorporating the 10% discount mentioned below.

VAT Pursuant to European Union Regulations I am required to apply VAT at the rate of 19% when invoicing clients from Cyprus, or from other European Union member states unless they are taxable persons in the meaning of Article 196 of directive 2006/12/EC and can provide a VAT number. VAT does not apply in other cases.

The above schedule of charges does not in itself constitute a guarantee to undertake any particular translation at any particular time. Prices stated are in EUR: please inquire for quotes in other currencies.
These rates are for invoicing on 30-day payment terms to established commercial clients with a proven credit record. A TEN PERCENT DISCOUNT APPLIES TO IMMEDIATE CASH SETTLEMENT ON COLLECTION/ADVANCE PAYMENT WITH REMOTE ORDERS.