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Translation Rates (TURKISH to ENGLISH)
AVOID THE HEADACHE - Send me the text and I will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Set prices are available for certain standard forms and certificates.

The following is intended to provide a guide to my pricing policy. I reserve the right to make variations where I feel this to be justified.

Translation rates are based on the length of the text to be translated, and vary according to the type of text:

    GROUP A Private letters and emails

    GROUP B Survey responses

    GROUP C All other document types not specifically mentioned

    GROUP D Statutes, rules and regulations; Legal textbooks and articles; Insurance policies; Court and arbitral decisions

    GROUP E Applies to poorly legible documents falling within group D

    There may be a higher surcharge for extremely illegible documents
You may choose one of four measures of length:   prices in euro
    source word per word of the source text (the text to be translated):
    price in cents per word  A 10      B 11      C 12      D 12½      E 13

    target word
    per word of the target text (the translated text):
    price in cents per word  A      B 7      C      D 8      E

    source line
       per 55 characters (with spaces) of the source text (the text to be translated):
    price in cents per line   A 68      B 74      C 80      D 86      E 92

    target line
       per 55 characters (with spaces) of the target text (the translated text):
    price in cents per line   A 58      B 63      C 68      D 73      E 78

MINIMUM CHARGE A minimum charge of €16.80 applies to each total order. A special minimum charge of €9.24 applies when immediate cash settlement is made.

VAT Pursuant to European Union Regulations I am required to apply VAT at the rate of 19% when invoicing clients from Cyprus, or from other European Union member states. I can invoice under the reverse charge procedure to taxable persons in the meaning of Article 196 of directive 2006/12/EC who can provide a VAT number. VAT does not apply in other cases.

The above schedule of charges does not in itself constitute a guarantee to undertake any particular translation at any particular time. Prices stated are in EUR; please inquire for quotes in other currencies.
These rates are for invoicing on 30-day payment terms to established commercial clients with a proven credit record. A TEN PERCENT DISCOUNT APPLIES TO IMMEDIATE CASH SETTLEMENT.

I have British and Eurozone bank accounts, so can easily receive payments from most parts of Europe.