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Sample translations from the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot press

Welcome VictoryEvrensel
27 June, 2004
A light-hearted description of some of the arrangements made by the Ottoman authorities to welcome the visiting British battleship, HMS Victory.
The village where smoking is bannedHürriyet
19 August, 2004
A small Turkish village has imposed a total ban on smoking.
Criminalising adulteryGünseli Önal

Güneri Cıvaoğlu
7 September, 2004
In an overhaul of the Turkish Penal Code it is proposed to criminalise adultery. In the first of two extracts, one member of the sub-commission preparing the draft is reported to have his doubts on this particular matter. In the second extract, the columnist, Güneri Cıvaoğlu, assesses the impact that criminalising adultery will have on Turkey's EU membership negotiations.
Al-Qaeda in Turkey

Fatih Altaylı
13 September, 2004

14 September, 2004
The trial of those accused of causing the November Istanbul bombing has started. In the first extract, interesting details are reported from the testimony of the accused in the trial. In the second extract, columnist Fatih Altaylı claims that the Istanbul Police may have been able to prevent the bombings if an application to tap phones had not been refused.
Property sales to foreigners in Turkey and Northern CyprusKıbrıs
15 September, 2004

Yeni Çağ
15 September, 2004
In the first extract, the Northern Cyprus mainstream daily Kıbrıs, 15 September 2004, assesses the impact on the construction sector of proposed legislation on property sales to foreigners. The second extract from the far-right Yeni Çağ, 15 September 2004, interviews the organiser of a petition opposing the sale of land to foreigners.
Arcelor CEO on Turkish SteelSadi ÖzdemirHürriyet
10 October, 2004
In this interview with best-selling Hürriyet, Arcelor COE Guy Dolle is upbeat about the prospects for the Turkish iron and steel sector.
Will the Cyprus question wither away?Şahin AlpayZaman
21 October, 2004
An independent assessment of developments in Cyprus from a columnist in the highbrow Islamist daily Zaman
Should Turkey recognise the Republic of Cyprus?İlter Türkmen

Şener Levent

Ergun Olgun
27 November, 2004

27 November, 2004

26 November, 2004
The first two extracts, from the Turkish best-selling daily Hürriyet and the pro-unification Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika, discuss from different perspectives Turkey's difficulties as she faces a veto from South Cyprus if she fails to recognise the Republic of Cyprus. In the third extract from the Turkish Cypriot mainstream daily Kıbrıs, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Presidential Undersecretary Ergun Olgun presents a detailed historical analysis arguing that for Turkey to recognise the Republic of Cyprus would be in breach of international agreements to which Turkey is a signatory, and would hinder attempts to find a lasting solution in Cyprus.
Is the AKP tiring?Taha AkyolMilliyet
18 February, 2005
Columnist Taha Akyol in the mainstraim daily Milliyet assesses the consequences for the ruling AKP and Turkey of the resignation of culture minister Erkan Mumcu.
The TRNC after the electionsGündüz AktanRadikal
22 February, 2005
Writing in the mainstream, highbrow daily Radikal, Gündüz Aktan assesses the situation in the TRNC following parliamentary elections and fears that the Turkish Cypriot side will be left in a weak position in bicommunal negotiations.
The AKP will drag its feet on the EUAli Bulaç interviewed by Neşe DüzelRadikal
18 March, 2005
Islamic journalist Ali Bulaç offers some very perceptive insights into the current political climate in Turkey in this interview with the secular journalist, Neşe Düzel.
The Constitutional Court has placed restrictions on land sales to foreignersYOL-iş magazine
15 August, 2005
This article from the Turkish Union of Road, Construction and Building Workers magazine provides a convenient summary of the current legal position for by foreigners wishing to buy property in Turkey.
Privatisation and the Rize ConnectionMiyase İlknurCumhuriyet
25 September, 2005
Against a background of increasing public disquiet about the way privatisation is being conducted in Turkey, Miyase İlknur investigates the role of financier Mehmet Kutman whose name is linked with all the recent large privatisation tenders.
Will next year be worse?Ertuğrul ÖzkökHürriyet
7 December 2005
Economics correspondent Ertuğrul Özkök sees no reason to be pessimistic about the Turkish economy in 2006.
An interview with Mehmet Ali TalatDilek ÇetereisKibris
11 January 2006
President of the self-styled Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Mehmet Ali Talat, discusses developments concerning the Cyprus problem and new property laws.
Volatility in Turkish marketsTevfik GüngörDünya
15 and 16 June 2006
Tevfik Güngör, writing in his column in the serious business daily Dünya, examines some of the causes behind recent volatility on the stock exchange and currency markets in Turkey.
There will be no peace in Cyprus before 2008Neşe DüzelRadikal
19 June 2006
Neşe Düzel, in one of her periodic interviews for the high-brow daily Radikal, discusses with academic Ayhan Aktar the Greek Cypriot view of the Cyprus problem.
Urfa women writer's novel on customary practiceÖzgür Gündem
22 June 2006
This article in the Kurdish-separatist Turkish-language daily Özgür Gündem features the work of a women writer living in a conservative region of Turkey whose novels tell of the restrictions that local customary practice places on the lives of women.
Will the economy force the AKP into early elections?İsmet BerkanRadikal
23 June 2006
İsmet Berkan assesses the possibility that current economic difficulties in Turkey mey precipitate early elections.
If both sides claim to be freeŞener LeventAfrika
22 April 2007
Şener Levent, writing in this pro-reunification Turkish-Cypriot daily newspaper, looks from a fresh perspective at the attitudes of people on both sides of the divide in Cyprus to the Turkish presence on the island.
The AKP is the party of the Republic's alternative eliteNeşe DüzelRadikal
23 April 2007
Neşe Düzel interviews sociologist Naci Bostancı about opposition to an Erdogan presidency and changes to the balance of power in Turkey.
The president who is incapable of being president to all CypriotsŞener LeventAfrika
2 October 2007
Şener Levent's comments on the occasion of celebrations held in the south of the island to mark the 47th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Cyprus.
The expectation in the economy is for a robust exit planErdal SağlamHürriyet
6 October 2007
Erdal Sağlam, writing in the mainstream daily Hürriyet, reports that sentiment is worsening among Turkish businessmen and bankers, who now expect the AKP government to produce a robust plan to address their concerns.
We cannot understand PapadopoulosYeni Düzen
23 October 2007
An interview with Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat in which he discusses his meeting with UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon in New York on 16 October, and his thoughts on the way forward for the Turkish Cypriot community.
We are back where we startedArif Hasan TahsinAfrika
1 November 2007
Arif Hasan Tahsin takes a wide view of the factors that have brought Cyprus to where it is today in this stark assessment of the island's perennial problem.
A new hegemony is being createdCem ErciyesRadikal
19 February 2008
Cem Erciyes in this interview with Haluk Şahin, author of the book Liberals, Nationalists, Islamists and the Others, examines the support given by liberals to the Islamist AKP.
Mümtaz Soysal on the new Republic of Cyprus PresidentMümtaz Soysal

Sami Özuslu
26 February 2008

Yeni Düzen
27 February 2008
In the first article, published in the mainland Turkish daily Cumhuriyet on 26 February 2008, Professor Mümtaz Soysal, who is well known for his hardline stance on Cyprus, questions the validity of welcoming the election of Dimitris Christofias as President of the Republic of Cyprus. In the second article, published in the Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Düzen, the house journal of the Republican Turkish Party, on 27 February 2008, columnist Sami Özuslu challenges Professor Soysal's position.
All Eyes Are on the First MeetingÖdül Aşık ÜlkerYeni Düzen
3 March 2008
In this interview, Turkish Cypriot Leader, Mehmet Ali Talat, assesses the propsects for a settlement to the Cyprus Problem in the wake of Dimitris Christofias' election as President of the Republic of Cyprus.
Why the AKP should not be closedHaluk ŞahinRadikal
20 June 2008
Haluk Şahin argues that, with reference to the pending closure lawsuit against the AKP, this party's closure would be a grave political error.
Ergenekon's Recent Historyİsmet BerkanRadikal
4-11 April 2008
In this series of articles, political commentator İsmet Berkan charts the development of the organisation named "Ergenekon", which is alleged to have been planning a coup in Turkey.
Arabs, Turks and social changeHaluk ŞahinRadikal
26 July 2008
Columnist Haluk Şahin, noting that Arabs are reputedly horrified by the evidence of social change that they witness in television serials from Turkey, argues that Turkish society is characterised by the way it brings two mutually contradictory value systems into close proximity.
Sönmez Filament suspends productionTevfik GüngörDunya
4 September 2008
Major Turkish producer of synthetic yarn and fibre, Sonmez Filament, has suspended production.
Let's Rejoice: They are Making UpMesut YeğenRadikal
30 November 2008
An anlysis of the pact that Turkey's establishment appears to have concluded with the ruling Justice and Development Party.
Neither One People, nor Two PeoplesNiyazi KızılyürekYeni Düzen
8 December 2008
Niyazi Kızılyürek addresses an issue that lies at the heart of ongoing negotiations to settle the Cyprus problem.
Talat is worriedErdal GüvenRadikal
21 April 2009
Erdal Güven assesses Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat's position as negotiator in ongoing talks to find a settlement to the Cyprus problem following the nationalist UBP's sweeping victory in recent parliamentary elections.
İlter Türkmen on CyprusAn interview with Hasan Hastürer and Aral MoralHavadis
7 July 2009
Octogenarian retired Turkish diplomat İlter Türkmen, who served as Turkey's Foreign Minister from 1980 to 1983, expresses some very frank views on the Cyprus problem.
Yaşar Kemal on the Kurdish problemAn interview with Cem ErciyesRadikal
25-27 July 2009
A seminal interview with the renowned author, Yaşar Kemal, on one of the most pressing issues facing the modern Turkish state.
The 'Kurdish Initiative's external dimensionFikret BilaMilliyet
16 August 2009
Respected poltical commentator Fikret Bila discusses the connections between Turkey's 'Kurdish Initiative' and President Obama's Ankara visit.
Why is the left capable of winning in Greece and not here?Oral ÇalışlarRadikal
6 October 2009
Following PASOK's sweeping victory in the Greek general elections, Oral Çalışlar discusses the reasons why the left in Turkey does not appear to be a candidate for power.
The era of ‘common currency’ trade with IranDünya
28 October 2009
Speaking in Tehran, Turkish Prime-Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has urged that work be speeded up on introducing a common currency for Turkey, Iran and the Russian Federation.
Eroğlu lost the election on the day he announced his candidacyAysu Basri AkterYeni Düzen
16 March 2010
Turkish Cypriot journalist Aysu Basri Akter assesses the significance of Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu's decision to stand for TRNC President against his own party chairman, Derviş Eroğlu.
Freedom is an indispensible part of democracyHasan HastürerHavadis
21 April 2010
Hasan Hastürer shares his thoughts on Derviş Eroğlu's defeat of Mehmet Ali Talat in the elections for TRNC President.
The amount of hot money rose by 9 billion dollars in MarchNaki BakırDünya
23 April 2010
The amount of foreign hot money in Turkey has risen to close to pre-crisis levels.
The CHP annulment application is readyFikret BilaMilliyet
28 April 2010
Political analyst Fikret Bila argues that the constitutional amendment package appears certain to be challenged in the Constitutional Court.
Fiyapı has bought Garip IslandDünya
28 April 2010
Turkish construction company Fiyapı buys Garip Island for 35 million dollars.
Is there life after Baykal?İsmet BerkanRadikal
11 May 2010
İsmet Berkan describes the political scenario as he sees it following the resignation of CHP Chairman Deniz Baykal.
Is Turkey to blame for Iran’s atom bomb?Fikret BilaMilliyet
12 June 2010
In his regular column in Milliyet, Fikret Bila cautions aginst placing too much blame on Turkey alone if Iran succeeds in developing nuclear weapons.
If you don't want to sweat, stay out of the Middle EastMete ÇubukçuRadikal Iki
20 June 2010
NTV news director Mete Çubukçu calls for a paradigm shift in the way that Turkey engages with the Middle East.
Paying the price for the CHP's errorMurat YetkinRadikal
16 September 2010
Political commentator Murat Yetkin suggests that a grave past error by the Republican People's Party has come back to haunt its new leader.
Defence Industry Leaps ForwardOrhan BursalıCumhuriyet
9 November 2010
Turkish Minister of National Defence Vecdi Gönül and Defence Industry Undersecretary Murad Bayar comment on the current standing of the domestic defence industry.
Zero Tolerance for JournalistsErtuğrul MavioğluRadikal İki
6 March 2011
As ever more journalists are arrested as part of the Ergenekon investigation, Ertuğrul Mavioğlu deplores the arrest of Ahmet Şık, a journalist who has devoted his career to fighting clandestine state-sanctioned activities.
The Survival Rallies and the Parade of CynicsNiyazi KızılyürekYeni Düzen
13 March 2011
Niyazi Kızılyürek assesses various attitudes that he denounces as being cynical in response to the two large protest rallies held by Turkish Cypriots on 28 January and 2 March.
The Cyprus and Kurdish ProblemsSinan DirlikYeni Düzen
27 August 2011
Sinan Dirlik draws attention to parallels between the Cyprus and Kurdish problems, particularly with regard to Greek Cypriot attitudes towards the former and Turkish Turks' attitudes towards the latter, and argues that both problems must be solved in tandem.
The KCK detentions have turned from bad to rottenOral ÇalışlarRadikal
29 October 2011
Oral Çalışlar, reacting to Professor Dr. Büşra Ersanlı's inclusion among the latest group of detainees in the KCK trial, sharply criticises the thinking behind this whole operation.
The Upper Echelons of the State in DersimAbdullah Kılıç – Ayça ÖrerRadikal
20-24 November 2011
In this iconoclastic article, the authors attempt to get at the truth behind the Dersim events of the 1930s
Zeynep, Çağdaş and the othersYıldırım TürkerRadikal
25 December 2011
On 23 December, 36 journalists were remanded in custody on the allegation of membership of the KCK terrorist organisation. In this article, columnist Yıldırım Türker describes his reactions as he looks at the pictures of two young journalists included among those detained.
It will be a very hot JuneFikri SağlarBir Gün
10 June 2012
Fikri Sağlar foresees a hot summer ahead in Turkish politics, and predicts that the clash between the AKP government and the Fethullah Gülen Organisation will come to a head, with significant consequences.
Is there room for Greek in our baggage?Foti BenlisoyRadikal
13 October 2012
Foti Benlisoy, in this review of the Greek language novel Anavoles kai Katiforoi (Postponements and Descents) published in Istanbul by İstos Publishing House, charts the way that the Greek language was removed from public life in Istanbul.
5 June 2013
The announcement made by Taksim Solidarity following their meeting with acting prime-minister Bülent Arınç on 5 June 2013.
We are encountering an uprisingRuken Adalı interviews Foti BenlisoyAlternatif Siyaset
5 June 2013
Marxist academic Foti Benlisoy on the Gezi Park protests.
One country-two communities or even 'nations'Tayfun AtayRadikal
13 June 2013
Tayfun Atay asks whether Turkey is moving in the direction of a split into the two communities of which Serif Mardin spoke twenty odd years ago, one Islamic and one Secular.
Social Reaction and ViolenceHikmet ÇetinkayaCumhuriyet
22 June 2013
Hikmet Çetinkaya, writing in his regular column in Cumhuriyet, discusses the consequences of the Gezi Park protests.
Historians assess the Gezi Park protestsNTV Tarih
July 2013
These interviews with a number of historians on the Gezi Park protests was to appear on pages 42-47 of the July 2013 issue of NTV Tarih magazine, a special issue devoted to the Gezi Park protests, but the magazine’s publishers, Doğuş Media Group, decided not only to cancel this issue, but to close the magazine entirely.
Crisis Mongering with SyriaMustafa BalbayCumhuriyet
26 March 2014
Mustafa Balbay, writing in his regular column in Cumhuriyet, argues that the AKP regime is exploiting the recent shooting down of a Syrian plane for electoral purposes.
Islamic StateSuat KınıklıoğluRadikal
19 August 2014
Suat Kınıklıoğlu argues that even if IS is defeated militarily in Iraq, an intelligent anti-terror strategy must also address the problem’s philosophical basis.
The AKP and DAESHDeniz YıldırımBir Gün
5-19 October 2014
The AKP and DAESH - a view from the left.
From alliance to enmity: AKP - GulenistsAhmet ŞıkCumhuriyet
17-18 December 2014
Ahmet Şık traces the developments that lead the AKP and the Gulenists to part ways.
An early election will not go unforgivenSelin OngunCumhuriyet
9 June 2015
An interview with renowned psephologist Bekir Ağırdır, CEO of KONDA Research, into the Turkish general election on 7 June 2015.
The Confessions of a JihadistDoğu EroğluBirgün
8 + 9 July 2015
An interview with a Turkish citizen who fought with ISIL.
Turkey is under a ruling party systemSelin OngunCumhuriyet
10 November 2015
In an interview with Selin Ongun following the 1 November repeat election, Prof. Ersin Kalaycıoğlu expresses the view that, in the absence of a strong middle class in Turkey, the country is likely to drift in the direction of authoritarianism.
Even if the USA believed that the YPG was behind the explosion, it will not change its PYD policySelin OngunCumhuriyet
22 February 2016
In this interview with Selin Ongun, Associate Professor Dr. Ahmet Kasım Han makes a very critical analysis of the current Turkish government’s Syria policy.
May God reform themSelin OngunCumhuriyet
7 March 2016
In this interview with Selin Ongun, Prof. Dr. Ergun Özbudun is critical of President Erdoğan’s avowed refusal to accept the Constitutional Court’s ruling with reference to Can Dündar and Erdem Gül.
An interview with Sırrı Süreyya ÖnderKemal GöktaşCumhuriyet
10 October 2016
In this interview with Kemal Göktaş, the HDP’s Sırrı Süreyya Önder discusses the state of play in Turkish politics following the failed coup attempt and the breakdown of the Kurdish peace process.
An interview with Assistant Professor Kerem AltıparmakKemal GöktaşCumhuriyet
23 October 2016
In this interview with Kemal Göktaş, Assistant Professor Kerem Altıparmak discusses the rule of law situation in Turkey in the aftermath of the attempted coup.
God punishes in mysterious waysCan DündarCumhuriyet
3 November 2016
Can Dündar assesses leaked details of the case against the management of Cumhuriyet newspaper following their arrest in a raid on Monday 31 October.
First reaction of CHP parliamentarians to the judgment in the Cumhuriyet trial: This decision was taken elsewhereCumhuriyet
29 July 2017
Members of parliament from the main opposition CHP party express their reactions to the 28.7.2017 interim judgment in the Cumhuriyet newspaper trial.
Başak Demirtaş: This is a good trekMine SöğütCumhuriyet
27 May 2018
Mine Söğüt describes her experiences while accompanying Başak Demirtaş on the arduous journey she makes every week to visit her husband, former HDP co-chair and the party's presidential candidate, Selahattin, in Edirne Prison 1700 kilometres away.
Cumhuriyet did not publish Sabuncu’s farewell articleArtı Gerçek
8 September 2018
An article containing Murat Sabuncu's farewell text on departing from Cumhuriyet newspaper following the regime-sponsored takeover of the staunch opposition title by a rival group.
The AKP’s victory from within: “Cumhuriyet”Yalçın DoğanT24
8 September 2018
A brief account of the process that led to Turkey's opposition Cumhuriyet newspaper being taken over by a group believed to be sympathetic to the regime.
The deep alliance’s Cumhuriyet operationOya BaydarT24
11 September 2018
Oya Baydar delves into the operation against Cumhuriyet newspaper that led to a new management being installed and suggests that it was not merely staged by the ruling AKP.
A tedious Kemalism will dominate the “New Cumhuriyet”Tunca ÖğretenTaz
11 September 2018
An interview by Tunca Öğreten with celebrated former columnist at Cumhuriyet newspaper, Aydın Engin, following the latter's abrupt departure from the paper along with many colleagues.
Stubbornness engenders crisisHüseyin ŞimşekBirGün
22 November 2018
Hüseyin Şimşek obtains the opinions of jurist Prof. Dr. Yaman Akdeniz and opposition politician Burak Erbay as to the consequences of the non-recognition by Turkey of the European Court of Human Rights’ ruling ordering Selahattin Demirtaş’s release.
Three peace academics handed down fifteen-month deferred sentencesEvrensel
23 November 2018
The prosecutions continue of academics who signed the peace declaration.
Turkey violating international law for one weekÇağrı SarıEvrensel
28 November 2018
Jurist Dr. Kerem Altiparmak assesses Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu’s arguments as to why the European Court of Human Rights’ ruling ordering Selahattin Demirtaş’s release need not be implemented.
Kobane-based plot against the HDPSelahattin DemirtaşGazete Duvar
19 October 2020
Jailed former HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş defends his former party against the latest operation being staged against it.
Suddenly one night!Yusuf KarataşEvrensel
10 February 2023
Opposition journalist Yusuf Karataş criticises the government response to the earthquake.

For a period, I translated articles on a voluntary basis for Evrensel, one of Turkey’s last remaining opposition print daily newspapers. Here are some samples of these:

Erdoğan declares, “All are not equal before the law” with his “water, flowers and thornbush” metaphor!
Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kaboğlu: They want to add legitimacy to the illegitimate constitutional order
Why is Europe banning ultra-nationalist associations?
Ayhan Bilgen: The opposition must quite manifestly debate the programme that will give direction to the future
Former European Court of Human Rights judge Rıza Türmen: Judges being pressurized in Turkey
The Van criteria in journalism
Minister Selçuk says, “We’re opening the schools but don’t send your kids”
“Strategic” censorship drive
Three-way imperialist share-grabbing contest in the Middle East
Prof. Dr. Mesut Yeğen: A solution-focused approach is important for the support of Kurds
Dr Fatih Yaşlı: The people will pay the price for the AKP’s Libya tactic
Şebnem Korur Fincancı assessed Turkey’s human rights’ report card
The crisis of a political narrative
Appeal from 33 bar association chairs: It is a responsibility to keep Ebru and Aytaç alive