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Other translations from the Turkish opposition press on Israel’s offensive against Gaza

Other sample press translations from Turkish to English

The following article appeared in Evrensel on 1 February 2024. Translated from Turkish by Tim Drayton

Original article:

Turkey keeps Israel ticking: 635 million dollar flow of capital goods and raw materials from Turkey to Israel as war rages


In the three months that Israel has been bombing Palestine, the volume of Israel-Turkey trade came to 1.3 billion dollars. October, November and December saw bosses’ trade in capital goods and raw materials more than double their consumer trade.

With Israel’s bombardment of Palestine raging for the past three months and twenty-four days, exports from Turkey to Israel increased by 31.81 percent in December compared to November. While exports amounting to 300,253,000 dollars were made from Turkey to Israel in November, this amount rose to 396,253,000 dollars in December.

According to Turkish Statistical Institute data, exports to Israel for the whole of 2023 were worth 5,175,605,000 dollars, while imports from Israel in 2023 amounted to 1,622,000 dollars.

Over the whole of 2023, investment (capital) goods and raw materials export and import exceeded the export and import of consumer goods. With capital goods exports in the amount of 400,724,000 having been made to Israel in 2023, imports of capital goods worth 78.3 million dollars were conducted.

Similarly, the amount of raw material imports Turkish bosses made from Israel was 1.4 billion dollars over the entire year, while raw material exports worth 2.7 billion dollars went to Israel in the whole of 2023.

The upshot was that the volume of investment goods and raw materials trade with Israel equalled 4,646,000,000 dollars in 2023.

While 2 billion dollars’ worth of consumer goods exports were conducted with Israel in 2023, consumer goods imports amounted to 122 million dollars. The volume of consumer goods trade was 2.1 billion dollars. Hence, the manufacturing-oriented imports and exports the bosses conducted was more than double their consumption imports and exports.


Israel’s attacks on Palestine started on 7 October 2023. The amount of exports the bosses made to Israel in November was 300,623,000 dollars. Exports in December rose by 31.81 percent to reach 396,253,000 dollars.


Ferrous metal exports made to Israel from Turkey, which holds 65 percent of the Israeli ferrous metal market, increased by 77 percent in December against the previous month. Exports worth 31.6 million dollars in November rose to 55.1 million dollars in December.

The ferrous metal bosses contributed most towards the increase in exports registered in December.


It has emerged that the leading ferrous metal exporter from Turkey to Israel, Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association-member İÇTAŞ, has exported steel to the Israeli city of Haifa since 8 October.

Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association-member İÇTAŞ has received awards from Erdoğan for its past exports and from Director of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş for making the biggest mosque in Çanakkale.

Yesterday, Director of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş said on a television channel, “Wherever there is one of our heedful brothers whom our voice reaches at home or abroad, I remind them: let’s continue the boycott.”

Referring to Israel’s attacks on Palestine that are now almost in their fourth month, Erbaş declared, “The thing they called a state there in 1948, which we now consider equal to a terrorist organization. That is, something that acts like a terrorist organization cannot be a country. Babies, children, women, the elderly and innocent are perishing beneath a shower of bombs. In three months, some 25,000 innocent people, 11,000 of them babies and children and 7,000 women, have perished beneath the bombs.”

Saying, “Our Palestinian cause is a century long. This was actually once our territory. The liberation of Palestine depends on us growing strong. God willing, we’ll grow stronger and Palestine will be liberated; this is what we believe, ” Erbaş recalled that they had appealed for a boycott of Israeli goods roughly three months ago and said, “Wherever there is one of our heedful brothers whom our voice reaches at home or abroad, I remind them: let’s continue the boycott. ”

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