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Other translations from the Turkish opposition press on Israel’s offensive against Gaza

Other sample press translations from Turkish to English

The following article appeared in Sözcü on 6 November 2023. Translated from Turkish by Tim Drayton

Original article:

Universities now starting to join Israel boycott

A decision to boycott goods originating from Israel at municipal and university facilities in Düzce has been taken with the siege of Gaza into its first month.

It has been announced that goods originating from Israel will not be sold in facilities, cafeterias and businesses within the municipality and university in Düzce.

It has been announced in posts made on Düzce Municipality’s and Düzce University’s social media accounts that goods originating from Israel will be boycotted due to the attacks on Gaza.

It was stated in the Municipality’s post, “No goods originating from occupying Israel, which is raining bombs on innocent civilians and mercilessly slaughtering tiny kids, will henceforth be sold at Düzce Municipality companies and facilities.“


It was declared in Düzce University’s post, “It has been decided to halt the sale of goods in cafeterias, canteens and social facilities within our university of companies that support the crime against humanity taking place in Gaza.” (AA)

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